roometric 3D

Measure rooms.

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Facility Management

Planung & Design



windows, doors, cables

measure structural elements of your room, like windows, doors or even cables


style the color of a wall, or take a picture and use it as a wall texture


design your interior with our 3D furniture, or use your own(.3ds)


export a list of wall surfaces/metrics in .xls format, or a .dxf file

virtual reality

dive into the next generation room experience, see all your rooms in VR

roof tilts

complicated top floor geometry? No problem, roometric 3D can measure it all!



It takes about 23 seconds to measure a room with roometric 3D. Including automatic surface calculation, 3D-visualisation and CAD model. Simply aim at the room corners, click, done. The best: You can measure through obstacles and furniture.


You can reach an accuracy of up to 97 percent, connecting a bluetooth-enabled laser even more. Remember how painstaking it was to do all the sketching and folding-rule-climbing? Not anymore!


The more complicated the room the better for roometric 3D. Tilted roofs, windows, doors and even cables or markers can be measured with ease. Each component can be equipped with an individual description and notes.


roometric 3D does not just save 85 percent of your time, but a lot of energy and money. And you will never have to remember all those mathematical formulas.


Measured rooms can instantly be exported as a ready-to-go excel®(.xls) list or CAD model (.dxf). Let your office write your invoice while you are still on the way to your next appointment.


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